Antarctica Cruises to the Ross Sea

Antarctica Cruises to the Ross Sea

Antarctica Cruises to the Ross Sea

For a completely different Antarctica cruise, we offer this trip of a lifetime to the "other" side of Antarctica.  On our Ross Sea expedition you will see high-Antarctic penguin species such as the Adélie and the Emperor Penguin - and lots of them. The Ross Sea is home to around  5 million Adélie's , and some 160,000 Emperor Penguins.  In addition, the region is abundant with Orca whales, humpbacks, minke, and various species of seals such as leopard seals, crabeater seals and Ross seals. A voyage to the Ross Sea also includes a stop on Campbell Island, a sub-Antarctic New Zealand Reserve and an Unesco World Heritage Site, with a luxuriant and blooming vegetation.  Conditions permitting, some departures include helicopter flights over the Ross Sea, and landings on the Ross Ice Shelf.

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