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Mystery of Fairy Circles in Namibia Stumps the Experts

Namibia fairy circles

Tweet A unique occurrence in Namibia, where mysterious circles appear in the wilderness. These shapes are known as fairy circles due to the enigma of their origin. According to wikipedia: Source: niume.com Fairy circles are common and easily seen in the Namib-Rand Nature Reserve, which we visit on several of our Namibia tours. See on […]

Elephant Love

elephant love

Tweet By Susie Green On my recent Epic Namibia trip I got to experience what I would call “elephant love”. In the past several years there have been all sorts of articles and documentaries written on how elephants respond to one another.  They seem to laugh, smile, cry, hug and so on. Several years ago […]

Poaching in Africa – Namibia Bucks the Trend

Jan van de Reep Namibia

Tweet Jan van de Reep slowed the Land Cruiser to a stop in the dry sand of the Huab River. Poking his walking stick into the damp sand of a shallow hole, he said, “The elephants used to dig holes with their feet here to get at the water, but recently it’s mainly oryx and […]