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Eating One’s Way to the South Pole – Who Better to Go Than Anthony Bourdain?

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Tweet   The other night I was watching “Parts Unknown” with Anthony Bourdain about Antarctica.  (You can catch it in reruns on CNN, and here is their preview page). As I watched the flight taking him and his crew into McMurdo Station on the south pole it brought back some great memories of my trip […]

Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica Cruise Log

black-browed albatross and chick

Tweet IWA directors Randy and Susie Green joined IWA’s Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica cruise and filed this trip log. Find out what it’s like to take an Antarctica cruise! See all of IWA’s Antarctica Cruises! (Will open in a new window.) Related Images: Tweet

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Deciding on the Best Cruise to Visit Antarctica

visit antarctica with Shackleton

Tweet At least you have to give Sir Ernest Shackleton credit, when placing his ad for his most famous Antarctic expedition in 1914-17, he warned, “…bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful…”. But he got all the men he needed, and in spite of a shipwreck and unbelievable hardship, he […]

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Antarctica Photos

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Renegade Penguin Breaks Loose!

Tweet We are rooting for the penguin in Tokyo who climbed a 13 foot wall and barbed wire to escape from the Tokyo zoo to the waters of Tokyo Bay, where he seems to be doing just fine.   Penguin 337 (catchy name) is a Humboldt penguin, and he is far from his his native waters […]