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Walking with the Polar Bears at Nanuk Lodge

Polar Bear Nanuk Lodge 2013 7

Tweet I arrived at Nanuk Lodge, also known as Mothers and Cubs Lodge, a couple of weeks ago with no expectations about seeing polar bears or other wildlife.  Personally, I feel having no expectations is the best way to approach any wildlife wilderness experience, because it can only get better from there. As we flew […]

My Polar Bear Trip to Churchill Manitoba, Polar Bear Capital of the World (a story by IWA Traveler Joy Ehle)

Polar Bear at Churchill

Tweet Polar Bear Capital of the World: A Chilling Visit to Churchill Manitoba If I encounter a polar bear I’m supposed to stay calm. Really? I’m supposed to back away slowly, facing the bear at all times. The worst thing to do: run. No problem. I’m so encased in down and polar fleece, I can […]

A Life Changing Holiday in Canada: Quest for the Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear or Kermode bear

Tweet In the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia lives the rare and elusive white bear known as the Kermode bear, or the spirit bear.  A variant of the North American black bear, the spirit bear owes its white color to a quirk of nature, in this case a recessive mutation from both parents. This […]

The Mother of All Polar Bear Tours

Polar Bear Fight on Cape Churchill Polar Bear Tours

What began as an end-of-the-season blowout party for the staff and organizers of our infant polar bear-watching season years ago near Churchill evolved into one of the most sought-after trips for pro photographers and TV media looking for images of polar bears.

Slowly at first, then as a flood, the word got out among pro wildlife photographers and TV news and documentary crews that this was THE place to get images of bears. The end result was that almost every polar bear picture in magazines, books and polar bear documentaries on TV was shot on one of our Cape Churchill polar bear tours.

Whales on a Spirit Bear Trip?

Tweet   On my Quest for the Spirit Bear trip in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, I got the most fantastic surprise—whales!   Not just one whale or two whales but many humpback whales.  One day in particular we had eight whales surrounding the boat.  They wanted to play with us, and that they […]