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Polar Bears Face a Tough Winter as Temperatures Spike in the Arctic

Polar beac on normal November sea ice

Tweet A friend posted a disturbing picture on Facebook the other day, shot by a resident of Churchill, Manitoba on December 30, 2015. At first there seems nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year. It shows the snowy shore of Hudson Bay, but looking closely, you can see waves breaking on the shore […]

California Wildfires Help Southern Plants Shift Northward

california wildfires

Tweet   Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.eurekalert.org See on Scoop.it – Wildlife Fire has always been an important part of forest health, but sometimes it’s a major force behind long-term ecological change. As in this summer’s California wildfires, when local areas become warmer and drier, fires become more frequent and often more devastating. Then as decades of forest […]

Airfare to Belize is Dropping as Southwest Airlines Enters the Market

Belize whale shark

Tweet Here is some fantastic news for travelers from the US who have been wanting to go to Belize but have had airfare sticker shock:  Southwest Airlines will begin flying from the US into Belize City this starting October 15, 2015. Southwest customers can fly from over a dozen major US cities, including Chicago, Denver, […]

Marine debris: it’s bigger (and smaller) than you think

Marine debris in Hawaii

Tweet It is not news that non-biodegradable garbage – mostly plastic – is threatening our oceans. Almost everyone has heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, described as a giant mass of garbage the size of Texas, trapped by currents, and located about halfway between Hawaii and California. The description conjures up images of plastic […]

Starfish Wasting Disease Comes Home

Purple starfish

Tweet By Susie Green One of my favorite photos from my Quest for the Spirit Bear trip in Northern British Columbia was the photo I took of a purple starfish (sea star as is now the politically correct name – they aren’t actually fish) on one of the beaches we visited. The trip is not […]