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Is the Panasonic FZ1000 the Best Camera for Travel?

Panasonic fz1000

Tweet Is the Panasonic FZ1000 the best camera for travel? Maybe (how’s that for definitive?). It all depends on your goals, but this little unit which came out in 2014 packs a huge punch for the dollar and weight. I was looking for a backup camera for an upcoming Namibia trip that I was leading […]

20 Tips To Up Your iPhone Photography Game

Tweet 20 Tips To Up Your iPhone Photography Game If you want your iPhone photography to get all the likes, try these tricks. An Instagram-famous photographer reveals the secrets to taking extraordinary pictures on your phone. posted on May 31, 2015, at 7:15 a.m. Nicole Nguyen BuzzFeed Staff Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed / Cole Rise Travel photographer Cole […]

First look: Pixelmator for iPhone is a feature-packed iPhone Photo Editor

Tweet Ever take a shot with your iPhone and feel it needs a little more “punch”? While you can use the built-in photo editor that comes in the phone’s photo gallery, it’s rather limited. Cameras in the newest iPhones are excellent and capable of producing near-professional quality. But sometimes they need a bit more creative […]

Travel Cambodia by Phone – An iPhone Photography Guide

travel cambodia, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Tweet Travel Cambodia very long and you’ll appreciate NOT using your big, flashy (and heavy) digital SLR all the time. Let’s face it, Cambodia’s in the tropics and doing a lot of walking with a big camera bag can wear you down. iPhone photography (and Android photography as well) can get you great, high-quality creative […]

Greatest Polar Bear Pictures Contest Winners

Tweet Congratulations to Kim Petersen and Laurie Tambosso, winners of International Wildlife Adventures’ 2013 Greatest Polar Bear Pictures contest.         Kim and Laurie won by getting the most Facebook Likes.  Nice job, ladies!  The other entries were excellent, too!  Take a look through the gallery and see if you don’t agree. Kim […]