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Polar Bears Face a Tough Winter as Temperatures Spike in the Arctic

Polar beac on normal November sea ice

Tweet A friend posted a disturbing picture on Facebook the other day, shot by a resident of Churchill, Manitoba on December 30, 2015. At first there seems nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year. It shows the snowy shore of Hudson Bay, but looking closely, you can see waves breaking on the shore […]

What Do Polar Bears Eat? Ducks & Geese, Be Very Afraid.

Polar bear mother and cub at Nanuk Lodge 2013

Tweet hat do polar bears eat? The usual answer is seals, and as many as they can during their winter hunting season on the Arctic ice. But increasingly that season is getting shorter and shorter due to warming climate, leaving less time to gain the calories they need to survive. Historically, polar bears seal hunting […]

Greatest Polar Bear Pictures Contest Winners

Tweet Congratulations to Kim Petersen and Laurie Tambosso, winners of International Wildlife Adventures’ 2013 Greatest Polar Bear Pictures contest.         Kim and Laurie won by getting the most Facebook Likes.  Nice job, ladies!  The other entries were excellent, too!  Take a look through the gallery and see if you don’t agree. Kim […]

Walking with the Polar Bears at Nanuk Lodge

Polar Bear Nanuk Lodge 2013 7

Tweet I arrived at Nanuk Lodge, also known as Mothers and Cubs Lodge, a couple of weeks ago with no expectations about seeing polar bears or other wildlife.  Personally, I feel having no expectations is the best way to approach any wildlife wilderness experience, because it can only get better from there. As we flew […]

My Polar Bear Trip to Churchill Manitoba, Polar Bear Capital of the World (a story by IWA Traveler Joy Ehle)

Polar Bear at Churchill

Tweet Polar Bear Capital of the World: A Chilling Visit to Churchill Manitoba If I encounter a polar bear I’m supposed to stay calm. Really? I’m supposed to back away slowly, facing the bear at all times. The worst thing to do: run. No problem. I’m so encased in down and polar fleece, I can […]