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Brrrr… Unless you’re a polar bear

Polar bear, Churchill, Manitoba

Tweet As the US braces for another record-setting snow and ice blitz, we can’t help but think about how well polar bears are adapted to their arctic environment. But how exactly do these massive animals manage to stay warm when the temperature plunges into minus territory? Sure, they have that nice warm white fur coat, […]

Polar Bears On the Tundra

Large bear

Tweet It’s tough to contemplate putting on all your arctic gear for a trek across the tundra when all you need to do to see the bears you came for is watch them from the huge windows of the octagonal dining room of the lodge. As the sun rises over Hudson Bay, a polar bear […]

Premier Churchill Polar Bear Tours: Arriving Seal River

seal river otter airplane

Tweet   Thursday, November 4, Heading north The wind boomed outside all night, gusts over 50 miles an hour, but by morning it had subsided enough by that we were able to board our now-repaired Beaver for the flight north. The Seal River is the next river system north of the Churchill River and is […]

Seal River Journal

Main street, Churchill

Tweet IWA directors Randy and Susie Green report on their expedition to see the Seal River’s polar bears on Hudson Bay. Getting up at O-dark-thirty in Winnipeg for the two and a half hour flight to Churchill was trying enough, but after transferring into our turbo Beaver, one of the north country’s favorite fabled aircraft, […]