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Marine debris: it’s bigger (and smaller) than you think

Marine debris in Hawaii

Tweet It is not news that non-biodegradable garbage – mostly plastic – is threatening our oceans. Almost everyone has heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, described as a giant mass of garbage the size of Texas, trapped by currents, and located about halfway between Hawaii and California. The description conjures up images of plastic […]

What’s the Best Cruise to See Polar Bears?

polar bear swimming

Tweet Polar bears are found all around the Arctic, from Alaska to Canada, Greenland and Norway to Russia. While IWA was instrumental in developing the now-famous polar bear watching opportunities in Churchill, Manitoba, many people would like to explore the Arctic by cruise ship to see polar bears. So, what is the best cruise to […]

Arctic Cruise to Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen polar bear on ice

Tweet Imagine being 5 degrees or 416 miles from the North Pole on an arctic cruise surrounded by ice, crystal clear skies, a few polar bears, walrus, seals and gulls. Our arctic cruise started in Longyearbyen and I decided the name of the town was very fitting –“Long Year Being.”  That far north it is […]

Spitsbergen, departure point for polar travel

Tweet The weather for William and Kate’s wedding was much nicer than what Prince Harry encountered during his recent participation in Walking With the Wounded, an expedition to the North Pole that included four wounded former British soldiers, two of them amputees.  The purpose of the expedition was to raise awareness of the problems faced […]

Spitsbergen Cruises Log: North Spitsbergen

spitsbergen polar bear and zodiac

Tweet Ship’s Log: IWA’s North Spitsbergen Cruise IWA Directors Randy and Susie Green joined one of our North Spitsbergen cruises. What follows is re-post of a log of their journey through this stunningly beautiful Arctic archipelago, historic launching place of many attempts on reaching the North Pole. Related Images: Tweet

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