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Lens Considerations for A Digital Camera

Tweet A friend asked me recently about lens choices for a digital camera — what to bring along on her trip to Asia. She was concerned about not only weight but having to do too much changing of lenses while shooting. Airline restrictions have made the task of paring your carry-on gear into rocket science. […]

Digital Photo Tips – Buying a New Camera, Part 2

Tweet For those who want more versatile cameras with greater capabilities, the choices are almost as wide as in the point-and-shoot class. Here again, carefully pay attention to why you’re buying a camera, what situations you’ll be shooting in and what you’ll be shooting. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to give […]

Photography Tips – How to Buy a Digital Camera

Tweet There are so many excellent digital cameras out there in the market that we thought some guidelines on how to approach this daunting subject would make for a good photography tip to buy a digital camera during this holiday season (or any season, for that matter). First, ask yourself what you want to do […]

Canon 5D MKII and 7D Field Impressions [Part 3]: Conclusion

Tweet Without doubt, the Canon 5D MKII and the 7D are both ‘game-changers’ in photography, pointing the way to where more development is headed. The speed bump is that there’s a long way to go. Be prepared to go through multiple new models. Oh, and make sure your bank account is healthy. Tweet

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Canon 5D MKII and 7D Impressions from the Field [Part 2]: Video

Tweet The Canon 5D MKII and 7D are the first of Canon’s ‘pro’ level hybrid cameras, namely, ones that can shoot both stills and high-definition video. This has opened wonderful possibilities for the photographer, but also poses some significant obstacles and challenges. Tweet

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