Save a Tree

Save a Tree Download an Itinerary

We sat down not too long ago and did some calculations on what the paper and energy use of just a medium-sized tour company might be for just its annual catalog. If a catalog weighed just one pound and the mailing list size was some 70,000 names, that's the equivalent of a tractor-trailer rig's worth of paper! A bigger catalog or mailing list would consume even more paper and trees!

We were astounded. But wait, there's more - what about fuel costs? Many times those catalogs are printed in foreign countries or across the U.S. from where they are ultimately mailed; there's the equivalent of two long distance journeys this 70,000 pounds of paper must make!

So, except for smaller, lighter-weight mailings, such as newsletters or other promotional information, IWA has decided to forego the annual ritual of virtually every tour company out there: the production of a heavy, glossy catalog. Instead, the detailed itineraries of many of our tours and cruises can be downloaded right from this site, or emailed to your home email address (or that of a friend whose arm you'd like to twist into joining you on the trip!).

Or, if a brochure or itinerary is not available for the particular tour you are interested in, click on the Email or Print icon that appears just below the title on each tour or cruise's page.

Of course, if for whatever reason, an electronic version of an itinerary won't work for you, just let us know and we'll be happy to mail you one. Just call us at 800-808-4492 or use the Contact Us form and let us know which itinerary you would like.