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North America

North America

North America is blessed with huge diversity of ecosystems and therefore wildlife. From remote temperate rainforests to alpine and arctic tundra, deep coniferous forests to massive coastal fjords, IWA offers the best of wildlife destinations and natural history travel.

British Columbia

British Columbia

Daily departures May-October
Experience the mystical, raw beauty of this wilderness paradise, where eagles, brown bears, black bears and Orcas are calling you.

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Newfoundland Tours

For an exceptional holiday in Canada, we offer whale watching as well as other wildlife viewing and photography opportunities.

Newfoundland is often
overlooked as a destination when choosing from the wide variety of tours suitable for a holiday in Canada, but it is a fantastic option.

Whales abound here; at least six different species are commonly seen. Huge seabird colonies cover the precipitous cliffs, and enormous icebergs from Greenland frequently ground just off the coast. Inland you'll find a landscape of sublime beauty with fox, moose, caribou, black bears, not to mention the incomparable Gros Morne National Park. Since it is the easternmost prominence of North America, Newfoundland offers the fascinating distinction of the earliest European settlement in North America, hundreds of years before Columbus: L'Anse aux Meadows, a Viking settlement that thrived for years before disappearing.

We offer three of the best tours Newfoundland can offer: The Viking Trail, Whale Watching in Depth and the Newfoundland Adventure. Any can be taken separately or together. Trips are offered June through September.

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Polar Bear Tours | Polar Bears of Churchill

Polar Bear Tours | Polar Bears of Churchill

IWA staff pioneered polar bear watching in Churchill more than 30 years ago


e offer the best selection of polar bear tours to Churchill, Manitoba, the Polar Bear Capital of the World. See the majestic polar bears from the comfort of a Tundra Buggy, or select a trip to a remote lodge for an up-close and unforgettable polar bear tour.


Each summer and fall, the polar bears gather on the western shore of Hudson's Bay for their annual seal hunt. By late November, the bay freezes and the bears are off on the ice to locate seals. These trips have been featured on major TV networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN and more.


[inset side="right" title="Strong US Dollar translates to 15% or more savings!"]Because of the current exchange rates (January 2015) between the US and Canadian dollars, the US Dollar price for these trips is more than 15% less than the listed Canadian dollar price.  Call our office for a current quote.[/inset]For decades, International Wildlife Adventures has been offering polar bear tours tours to see these majestic creatures in their native habitat. In fact, we pioneered the development of Churchill polar bear tours, and offer more choices and styles of excursions than any other company in the world. 


Either way, you are sure to have the trip of a lifetime.  Of course, you can come back next year - many of our clients do!

    • Largest selection of ways to see the bears!
    • Get up close to bears and other wildlife!
    • Walking with the bears is an option on some trips!
    • Stay in a comfortable remote wilderness lodge, Tundra Buggy Lodge® or Churchill hotel!
    • Air from Winnipeg to Churchill included!

For additional help in deciding which tour to go on, see our Polar Bear Excursions page.

Still have questions about which trip is right for you? Our expert staff can help you decide! Call us at 800.808.4492!

Download your free Polar Bear Trip Guide now!

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