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For a truly epic Antarctica expedition cruise, join us on this month long cruise that follows the western coast of Antarctica from the Antarctic Peninsula to New Zealand, stopping along the way to observe wildlife and history at remote and rarely visited spots that few people have had the privilege to see. Your expedition ship for this cruise is the comfortable 100 passenger M/V Ortelius, outfitted with Zodiacs and two helicopters. Conditions permitting, we will make five helicopter landings at various sites. 

We visit volcanic Peter I Island, then follow the outer fringes of pack-ice through the Amundsun Sea, where we will encounter occasional emperor penguins, groups of seals on ice-floes, and orca and minke whales, often accompanied by various species of fulmar petrels.  We continue on to the Ross Sea, and the massive Ross Ice Shelf, one of our planned helicopter landing sites. We will visit the huts of the legendary polar explorers Shackleton and Scott. As we continue on, we will have several opportunities to view the Mars-like Dry Valleys., again taking advantage of our helicopters. 

As we sail on past Cape Adare after crossing the International Date line, we will continue north to Campbell Island.  Here, we will see healthy populations of eastern rockhopper, erect-crested and yellow-eyed penguins. Elephant seals, and various species of fur seals also live on the protected wildlife sanctuary. 



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The shores of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia is a richly biodiverse region that is home to black bears, grizzly bears, Orca whales, humpback whales, eagles, ravens, wolves, salmon, beavers, deer, and wolverines.  It is also the only place on Earth where the elusive Spirit Bear lives. The Spirit Bear, or Kermode, is a black bear with a rare genetic mutation that makes its fur transluscent white.  The local First Nations people of the region, who serve as guides on this trip, consider the Spirit Bear to be sacred.  One of the Tsimshians' myths says that "Raven made one in every ten bears white to remind the people of the time when glaciers covered this land."

Check out our Spirit Bear Lodge of the Great Bear Rainforest tour!

On this truly unique 8 day trip, we explore the inlets, bays, estuaries and old-growth forest aboard a 68" ketch, as well as by kayak and on foot. Our knowledgeable captain and local guides will take us to the areas where we are most likely to spot wildlife, including the Spirit Bear. 

We hike the cathedral-like old growth forest, where trees are so large it takes sixteen people to encircle their trunks. We kayak in the crystal clear waters full of huge star fish, we float along the largest kelp forests in the world, we duck under water falls from glaciers, and we spot ancient First Nations carvings tucked into the trees along the shore.  We visit a bear stand inland at the mouth of a river, where we have opportunities for some of the best wildlife photography in the world.

Aboard our sailboat, whales often follow our boat playfully.  "I have looked into the blow hole of a humpback," says International Wildlife Adventures Director Susie Green.  "This trip is so moving it makes grown men sob in awe and wonder."

Read Susie Green's blog of her recent Spirit Bear cruise

See pictures from other travelers:  Spirit Bear trip pictures 



 Limited Time!  Book Epic Namibia by Dec. 20, 2016 for 2017 and received $300 off! 

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Namibia offers wildlife enthusiasts a wealth of game viewing and a lot of territory to see it in - the country is larger than the state of Texas. This former colony of South Africa gained its independence in 1990 and is a shining example of democracy and economic progress. Its parks and systems of private reserve are some of the best in the world. Our Epic Namibia tour is designed for those who want to explore a cross-section of this beautiful and fascinating desert country.

From the capital city of Windhoek, you'll visit the massive dunes at Sossuvlei in the Namib-Rand Nature Reserve, look for rare desert elephants in Damaraland, meet the traditional Himba pastorialists and explore famed Etosha National Park.

Epic Namibia is a great option for those who want to see as much of Namibia as possible from the south to the north. This trip can also be linked with a Botswana tour - contact our office for details.

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