Arctic Cruise | Greenland Cruise | Spitsbergen Cruise

Arctic Cruise | Greenland Cruise | Spitsbergen Cruise

An Arctic cruise is the best way to tour the north polar region, a land where just a century ago, larger-than-life explorers and adventurers risked everything in the race to the Pole. We'll cover hundreds of miles of ice floes, islands and remote coastlines in comfort. 

The short summer season results in an explosion of life: carpets of tundra flowers, nesting colonies of countless seabirds, walrus, whales and polar bears fat from their winter hunts. Whether you choose a Spitsbergen cruise or a Greenland cruise as your primary destination on your Arctic cruise, our expedition staff will make sure you experience this hauntingly beautiful world formerly the sole domain of intrepid adventurers. 

Our ships are excellent quality, rugged expedition-grade vessels with great food, comfortable accomodations and ice-strengthened hulls to ensure your safety.

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This Arctic adventure cruise explores a part of the world that has been off-limits to visitors throughout much of its…

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