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Arctic Cruise: Greenland Cruises

Arctic Cruise: Greenland Cruises

A Greenland cruise along the coastline of this enormous island is a remarkable experience. We offer two options: Our 12 night Northeast Greenland Cruise focuses on the scenically spectacular, isolated and sparsely populated coast.  The shorter 7 night Scoresby Sund cruise explores the inlets of the world's largest fjord system.  

The coast of Greenland consists of high mountains reaching 6500 feet, soaring cliffs and innumerable glaciers that produce the huge, cathedral-like icebergs that are abundant in Greenland's waters. Besides icebergs, you are likely to see several mammal species, including muskox, the Arctic wolf, Arctic fox, and the Arctic hare. 

Off the coast, increasingly healthy populations of whales mean sightings of fin, minke, humpback, narwhals and belugas. We may also see occasional sperm whales, blue whales, and pilot whales on our Greenland cruise. This is also one of the best areas on the planet to see the otherworldy Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.  Our Northeast Greenland cruise originates in Spitsbergen, and can be combined with a Spitsbergen cruise.

Priced from $3,900   Days: 8 This 7 night Greenland cruise offers stunning wildife and scenery…
Priced from $5,950   Days: 14 Our 13 night Northeast Greenland cruises explore the coastline of…

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