Bears and Orcas of Knight Inlet Lodge

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From // $2,355 2018  Days 4 to 7

  • Watch both grizzlies and black bears up close!
  • See Orcas, humpbacks, dolphins and Steller's sea lions!
  • Hike the old-growth Great Bear Rainforest!
  • Kayak among the bears and other wildlife!
  • Stay in a newly-rebuilt floating lodge
  • Book this trip with IWA and receive a free backpack!

British Columbia offers exhilarating viewing of some of North America's most impressive creatures -- grizzly bears (brown bears), black bears, eagles and Orcas. Vast unpopulated mountain ranges, deep fjords and large tracts of old growth forests provide ideal habitat for these incredible animals.

Knight Inlet is one of the largest inlets on the British Columbia coast offering the kind of raw beauty that our travelers seek. Situated 37 miles from the mouth of the inlet is Knight Inlet Lodge. Accessible only by float plane, the facility actually floats offshore from the incredible steep-side walls of the fjord.

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Your daily activites at Knight Inlet Lodge will depend on your interests, as well as weather, plus special wildlife opportunities that may present themselves. Below are some of the choices available.

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Sample Itinerary

Please note: You can choose the length of your stay at Knight Inlet Lodge. The sample itinerary, below, gives you an idea of how your stay can be structured.

First day: Arrive in Campbell River. Transfer from airport to hotel.  Overnight at Comfort Inn & Suites located on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Second day: Take a breathtaking flight in a float plane over spectacular scenery to the front door of Knight Inlet Lodge. Spend the afternoon on one of the many wildlife excursions.

Enjoy the next 3, 4, 5 (or more) days on your choice of adventures.

On trips of 4 or more days, a trip to Johnstone Straits to see marine wildlife, such as humpbacks, Orcas, whitesided dolphins and Stellers sea lions is arranged (weather permitting).

On each day, regardless of trip length, four excursions are offered, two each in the morning and afternoon. 

Last day: After early morning excursion, return to Campbell River by float plane.  Transfer from float plane basin to airport for flight

Discover the Great Bear Rainforest

Viewing at the Bear Stands

Both black bears and brown (grizzly) bears abound in this area. Whether you come to watch the bears or to capture the “perfect” bear photo, it is unlikely that you will tire of watching them. Each bear has a distinct captivating personality of its own.
In the spring and summer we watch these powerful creatures by boat along the shores of the river and the estuary. In late summer/fall, you can safely view and photograph the bears in their natural environment, with a variety of different  backgrounds, from covered, elevated viewing platforms.
One trip per day to the bear stands during the fall season.

Estuary Tour

Bears feed in the estuary of Glendale Cove as well. In the springtime and early summer, before the salmon runs begin, they fatten themselves on new growth of grasses and sedges. Later, during the salmon runs they also feed in the water of the estuary, and we can get quite close in our flat-bottomed boats.

Marine Life - Humpbacks & Orcas!

In addition, the marine wildlife in British Columbia is extraordinary. Traveling through the inlet by boat, you can experience seals, sea lions, and porpoises in some of the most spectacular scenery in the Pacific Northwest. The  Orca season starts in July in Johnstone Strait, just a 1-1/2 hour boat ride from the lodge. This strait is known throughout the world as one of the world's best places to observe Orcas. 


Kayaks are available at the lodge for exploring the estuary of Glendale Cove - a great way to see bears, eagles and other wildlife! If you don't know how to kayak, no problem! Your guide will teach you how!

Great Bear Rainforest Hike

Take one of our guided hikes with a naturalist through the rainforest where lush mosses hang from the trees. You will hear calls of eagles, herons and other wildlife and see signs of these great bears everywhere--day beds made up of soft moss tucked under logs and old trees, trails worn deep by their movement through the forest, ‘tree rubs’ that mark territory, and imprints of their enormous feet left in the soft dirt! Where the river current meets the ocean tides, see the bears foraging for food, easily heaving giant rocks aside with their giant paws.

Inlet Cruise

Knight Inlet is a stunningly beautiful fjord with towering 3,000-foot mountains and water depths of up to 900 feet. Waterfalls cascade off the steep cliffs and wildlife abounds - dolphins, seabirds and eagles!


There is little doubt that Knight Inlet is among the finest wildlife photography and viewing areas in the Pacific Northwest. There are few other destinations where you can see bears, eagles and Orcas in one single location. At  Knight Inlet Lodge, the staff is exceptional, and includes naturalist guides, marine wildlife specialists, and photo leaders to help you have a memorable experience. Here you will find many incredible choices of  scenery and backgrounds in which to photograph and view the bears and other wildlife. Several platforms have been specially constructed just for this purpose. The bears may be seen feeding on the salmon, moving about the river and swimming in the deeper pools throughout the day, providing superb photo opportunities.

The Seasons of Knight Inlet

Spring is highlighted by the presence of both grizzly and black bears feeding on sedge grasses, mussels and barnacles along the cove's shoreline and in the estuary. Fresh from hibernation, this season offers a wonderful opportunity to see newborn cubs as they first venture out with their mother into the world.

Our spring viewing is done from boats, and allows you to get remarkably close to some of these wonderful animals at eye level without disturbing them. The spring season offers some of the year's best photographic opportunities, with the bears moving about in a lush green environment with spectacular backdrops.

Summer bear viewing continues on the water as well, and is the season that often has the best weather and is the most relaxing, offering you the chance to view the bears from a small group.

Fall season begins in late August, as hundreds of thousands of pink salmon begin surging their way up the Inlet into the Glendale River, attracting dozens of grizzlies who converge on the spawning channels to fatten their already burgeoning bodies in preparation for the coming winter. The spectacle is as incredible as it sounds and has to be experienced in person to really appreciate it.


Date - Rates:

Date/Rate Information

Daily departures June-October.

2018 Rates

2018 Tour Packages
(All prices are per person in US Dollars )
Date 3 Nights 4 Nights 5 Nights 6 Nights
Boat Viewing Season May 21-Aug. 23.
Double $2,355 $3,350 $4,345 $5,340
Single $3,465 $4,935 $6,410 $7,880
Triple $2,150 $3,045 $3,930 $4,820
Quad $1,935 $2,715 $3,500 $4,285
*Children (8-16) $1,455 $2,025 $2,595 $3,165
High Season: Aug 24-Oct 16 ** Platform Viewing
Double $2,655 $3,760 $4,860 $5,960
Single $3,920 $5,555 $7,185 $8,815
Triple $2,415 $3,415 $4,410 $5,405
Quad $2,170 $3,065 $3,955 $4,840
*Children (8-16) $1,600 $2,225 $2,850 $3,475

Plus 5% GST taxes in 2018. 

* Children's rates based on children with two full-paying adults, all sharing the same room.

2018 rates include: staff gratuity of $40 per person per day and an Environmental levy of $50 per person one time fee. 

Daily departures June-October.

Boat Viewing Season: In the early season, we view the bears in the estuaries by boats getting close to the shore and bears to view them while thye feed but far enough away we don't disturb bears. 

Platform Viewing Season: On August 25, we move to the platforms at the spawning channel to watch the grizzly bears fish for spawning salmon. 

Registration To confirm your space on this tour, please send a deposit of $600 USD to our office. Balance is due 120 days prior to departure. Please note: Tour rates are based on US Dollars. Call: 800.808.4492 US and Canada or globally 575.524.0084

Cancellation Policy In the event you must cancel your reservation, refunds will be made according to the following schedule: Deposit $600 non-refundable. 90 to 61 days prior to departure, 50% of total is non-refundable; less than 60 days prior to departure, 100% non-refundable.

Insurance: Because many advance logistical arrangements have been made prior to the running of this trip, we must adhere to the above policy. In addition, please be aware that many insurance policies do not cover illness and accident expenses outside of the U.S., and Medicare does NOT cover any such expenses at all. In light of this, we strongly recommend trip cancellation and supplemental insurance.

A travel insurance quote will be sent to you upon registration. Our insurance carrier is Travel Guard. 




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The Lodge

Knight Inlet Lodge was originally comprised of an assortment of construction styles dating from the early 1920’s, when the original float housed a lumber camp that moved from place to place. In the 1970’s it was anchored in Glendale Cove, where it has remained as a wilderness retreat for wildlife enthusiasts.
In 2013 it was completely rebuilt, expanded and upgraded.

kil_doubleroomThe guest rooms are comfortable, spacious rooms with ensuite bathrooms and with a common lounge for relaxing and absorbing the view of the beautiful cove. All of the guest rooms can accommodate up to four guests.

A special conference area is also available for evening slide shows and wilderness orientations offered by one of the many professional staff members. The dining area can accommodate all guests at each meal and also contains a full bar and lounge area. The food here is wonderful, and you may also sample local specialties such as salmon and Dungeness crab.





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Bears & Wildlife of Knight Inlet Lodge

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