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Travel Patagonia by Jeep

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Priced from $8,650   Days: 9

Set at the far southern edge of the great Andean mountain chain, Patagonia has largely been reserved for those willing to rough it. This was absolutely the best family trip we've ever taken. The accommodations were fantastic and the activities were constantly challenging and fun---loved it! -- Monica T. However, on this trip you travel Patagonia in your own personal, comfortable 4x4 Jeep with an expert private guide, staying at comforable hotels, lodges and camps in sublime settings along the way.

This once in a lifetime trip visits the full circuit of amazing Patagonian sites in both Chile and Argentina, including Torres del Paine National Park, Los Glaciares National Park and the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier. Your overland transportation is by Jeep, and as newly minted pioneers, you will also have opportunites for hiking and walking in pristine, otherwordly landscapes, catamaran navigations to see calving glaciers, horseback rides to the top of magnificent overlooks and quiet moments at hidden lagoons.

Patagonia is a stunning destination for photography, both for landscapes and wildlife. This trip allows you to explore Patagonia at your pace and on your terms. The itinerary forms the outline of your trip, but you can change things up each day according to what interests you.

The lodging and food on this private-guided expedition are some of the best in the world, despite the remote wildness of the Patagonia countryside. You will experience the height of luxury in a wilderness setting.

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8 Night/9 Day Itinerary

Sample Gold Itinerary. Shorter itineraries available on request for Chile only. 

Day 1 - Punta Arenas & Puerto Bories

Arrive Punta Arenas from Santiago, Chile  by mid afternoon. You are met by your private guide at the airport, then   transferred to The Singular Hotel located in the town of Puerto Bories a few minutes away from Puerto Natales.  The hotel is a 100-year old former Cold Storage Plant recently restored and renovated into a luxury retreat along the shores of the Fjord of Last Hope where there are spectacular views of the mountains surrounding the fjords. Overnight at The Singular Patagonia (D)

Day 2 -  Puerto Bories to Patagonia Fjords

Wake up to your first Patagonia morning with early light illuminating the peaks of the Balmaceda mountains across the Ultima Esperanza fjord to our west. Breakfast, then off  for your first excursion.  You will enjoy the opportunity of sailing through the Patagonian Fjords to visit the mighty Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers, part of Bernardo O’Higgins National Park. Sailing for a little over an hour, allowing time to observe colonies of blue-eyed cormorants and sea lions along the way. We will then disembark in Puerto Toro and take a fourty-minute stroll to reach the viewpoint overlooking Glacier Serrano, bordering a lagoon with icebergs that come from the base of the glacier. We will return to our sailing boat and continue our journey to the Balmaceda Glacier that looks impressive as it hangs down from the Cerro Balmaceda. Return back to the hotel for lunch. 

This afternoon is set aside to rest and relax at the Singular and enjoy its world-class spa (additional fees apply).  You can choose between several treatments and massages offered by the hotel’s specially trained spa staff.  For those looking to continue exploring, the hotel offers mountain bikes, which you can take to ride into the town of Puerto Natales.  Evening PM  tour of the property before dinner.  Enjoy the hour historical tour of the property, to learn about its historical significance and how it played a key role in the birth of the town of Puerto Natales.  Overnight: The Singular Patagonia  (B, L, D)

Day 3 - El Cafate

After breakfast we depart Puerto Natales and set out in our vehicle heading north to the border town of Cerro Castillo. When departing Chile, you will be required to show your passport and entrance card as well as filling out a form. The entrance point to Argentina is just 5 minutes further north up the road, where you will again be required to fill out a form and present your passport.

It will take approximately 3-hours to drive to El Calafate, Argentina. This drive is reminiscent the sparse plains and stark peaks of the Southwestern United States, but more rugged as you are in the same region of the globe as Antarctica. Calafate is a growing frontier town and increasingly becoming a tourist attraction for Argentines seeking to escape to the southern wilds of their country. We stop here to refuel before continuing on to Alta Vista, just a few minutes from El Calafate.  Overnight Hosteria Alta Vista or Eolo (B,LD)

Located between "Los Glaciares" National Park and the town of El Calafate, Hostería Alta Vista is part of "Estancia Anita", the biggest sheep farm of the area. With an extension of 165.000 acres, and 22.000 sheep, Alta Vista offers its guests a true Patagonian experience. Alta Vista services, and the activities at Estancia Anita, including horseback rides, trekking, walks, cycling, and sharing farm work, are exclusive to its guests, creating an intimate environment.

When visiting Estancia Anita during the first two weeks of December, we will have a chance to witness this traditional practice in the shearing shed and watch the local gauchos (cowboys) at work.  When visiting out of season, we will tour the shed and your guide will demonstrate how the sheep shearing is done.

Day 4 -Hosteria Alta Vista activities

This morning you can choose from a variety of excursions in Hosteria Alta Vista: additional fees apply depending on activity

  • Horseback rides: 

There are multiple ways of discovering the region on horseback, always within the Estancia and escorted by a scout guide of the zone. From short rides around the easy lands that surround the Hostería, to full day rides towards the steep mountain trails along old cattle roads, through thick lenga forests with the Patagonian Andes and the Perito Moreno Glacier in the background. For more expert riders, the steppes zones enable trot or gallop. Besides these rides, our guests can watch and trail along, the sheep driving paths from the lower fields to the higher ones or vice versa. 

  • Hikes

The horseback itineraries can be done on foot by people who are used to walking, and it takes approximately the same time. Moreover, for trekking and climbing lovers, within the estancia grounds and vicinities, we suggest climbing some of the mountains of the area, from where the views of lakes, mountains, glaciers and steppes, that combine in a breath-taking scenery. The hikes that we describe below do not need any special gear (trekking boots will do) or technical mountain knowledge. All you need is to be in good physical shape and have a certain habit of mountain hiking. There is no problem due to the height, because all the hikes are between 250 (Hosteria altitude) and 1200 metres above sea level. 

  • Fishing

Alta Vista is located on the southern basin of Argentino Lake and best fishing sites in the area: Lake Roca, Southern Arm and Rico Arm. By vehicle, it takes an hour to arrive at Santa Cruz River and 2-3 hours to reach Rio Gallegos River and Vizcacha River. Our guests have all the necessary gear for fishing: both spinning and fly- casting. We also have more exclusive services on motor boats and in the company of specialized guides. This service includes: Land transport on 4 wheel drive vehicles. Gear: waders, boots, fishing rods, flies and a guide. Guests can request the service at the Hosteria. 

Species: Rainbow trout, Lake trout, Brown Resident trout (Vizcacha River), and Brown migratory trout (Rio Gallegos). 

  • Bird watching

Ibis or Bandurria nesting (Theristicus caudatus) 

Only 50 mt. from the Hosteria, these birds have decided to nest, on the cypresses´ treetops. They are migratory birds that arrive in October and leave their nests in the month of April 

  • Mountain Biking

Guests can use the bicycles all day discovering the land surrounding the Inn. 

After lunch at the Hosteria, we will visit the town of El Calafate to do some souvenir shopping around town.  We will also pay a short visit to Glaciarium, a modern center devoted to the Patagonian Icefield and its glaciers, and one of the few glaciological interpretative centers in the world. Here you will learn more about the Patagonian region, history, and icefields.  Overnight: Hostería Alta Vista (B,L,D) or Eolo

Day 5 - Los Glaciares National Park

Today we go on to Perito Moreno glacier, also located within Glaciares National Park. Perito Moreno offers a truly magnificent spectacle. To date, Perito Moreno remains one of the world’s only advancing glaciers. The 30 km (19 mile) long ice formation is 3 km wide at its terminus and has a total ice depth of 170 meters (558 ft). The field is one of only three advancing Glaciers in Patagonia and is an extension of the Southern Patagonia Ice Field, which is the third largest fresh water reserve in the world. 

The glacier snakes its way down from the Andean ice field into Lago Argentino, edging its way across the lake where it periodically spans the channel, blocking the relatively narrow southern arm of the lake to create a natural dam. When this happens the water level rises behind the Brazo Rico section of the lake until the enormous pressure cataclysmically ruptures the dam. The resulting explosion is literally earth shaking, not to mention awe inspiring. The frequency of these events range anywhere from a year to a decade and have occurred sixteen times since 1917. Between these major events the glacier offers the daily spectacle of calving huge sections of ice along its face into the lake with a resounding roar. The large icebergs float down into the Canal de los Tempanos and then on into the lake at large. 

Today we have 2 options open to participants. Both options depart from the pier at Bajo de las Sombras bay about 8 km before the end of the road and the glacier’s face. Additional fees apply

  • The first option is a ‘mini trek’. This is a moderate, 1 ½ hour hike on the glacier (no previous experience required). Altogether this excursion can take up to 4 hours. During the mini trek excursion you receive a full briefing before being fitted with your equipment, including crampons, prior to setting out by boat to the start of the trek. After the trek you will once again be picked up by the boat and returned to your Jeep®. This is the recommended option as it gives you the amazing experience of being out on the glacier.
  • The second option is a leisurely one hour cruise in front of the southern arm of the glacier aboard a large motorized catamaran offering both indoor and outdoor viewing areas. This is the warmer and dryer option but is not as exciting as the mini trek. Navigating up the western arm of Lago Argentina we pass by a floating gallery of icebergs calved from the face of Perito Moreno glacier. Reaching ‘Iceberg Channel’ our catamaran comes to a halt a safe distance from the glacier, then carefully traverses the channel, providing spectacular views of the ice wall of the advancing Perito Moreno. The most dramatic moments come when pieces of the ice wall break off, plunging with thunderous effect into the lake with a watery explosion. 

 Afternoon activity for all

  • Upon returning to our Jeep® vehicles, we will take a short drive to the Perito Moreno parking area.   We will have about an hour and a half to walk freely along the boardwalk of Perito Moreno for great views of the massive glacier. By 5:00 PM we will head back towards the hotel to enjoy some relaxation time and drinks before dinner.

Overnight: Hostería Alta Vista (B, L, D) or Eolo

Day 6 -  Border Crossing from Argentina to Chile/Torres del Paine National Park 

After breakfast depart El Calafate at around 8:30 AM to return back the way we came to the border, this time crossing from Argentina back into Chile.

"Eons ago the evil flying serpent, Cai Cai, conjured a massive flood to destroy the warrior tribe that inhabited the region known today as Torres del Paine National Park. As the flood waters receded the surviving tribesmen lay devastated. Two of the surviving warriors turned to the Great Spirit to spare them, praying for strength and protection from future floods; asking for the strength to withstand the extreme climate and live fruitful lives. Their wish was granted and the Great Spirit transformed the two warriors into stone giants; Los Cuernos del Paine, the two great granite horns crowning the mountaintop."

Torres del Paine National Park lies hidden at the far southern end of the Andes. Before becoming a national park in 1959 the 180,000 hectares were employed as an estancia for raising sheep. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Reserve in 1979. 

Today’s drive takes us into this stronghold of the Tehuelche Indians, where their foundation legend resonates into the present day as we enter the realm of their giant skyscraping stone sentinels. The name Paine comes from the Tehuelche word used to describe the distinctive violet-blue alpenglow of the towers at sunset, which we may experience in the evening. The name Torres del Paine translates into The Towers of Indigo. 

Our destination is Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa where lunch is served. The hotel's ambience offers Chilean modern architecture, set on shore of Lago Sarmiento at the foot of the magnificent Torres del Paine.

Uma Spa is located within the hotel and features an indoor swimming pool and  stunning views of the Torres del Paine. There is also an outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath,  and areas for  relaxation. The Spa professionals offer many types of massages and facials using local stones and elements at additional cost.

Take a leisurely walk on the hotel property to stretch your legs and enjoy the dramatic skyline of Patagonia. Head towards Lago Sarmiento and the boundary of Torres del Paine National Park passing through the low-lying bushes, discover the lake’s thrombolytes, geographic formations dating back millions of years. It is also common to see wildlife, including everything from the condor to sheep, foxes and rarely pumas. Overnight: Tierra Patagonia (B, BL, D)

Day 7 - Hiking Torres del Paine National Park

Today you have options to choose from on how you will spend your day at Torres del Paine. Additional fees apply depending on activity.

OPTION 1 - Naturalist Tour Option: Mirador Cuernos (The Paine Horns & Condor Overlook)

After breakfast, we begin our day of hiking within the park. There are two different half day hikes in different directions.  We begin by driving to the western entrance of the park, by the Serrano River, and make our way towards the Paine Massif. 

This is hiker friendly trail on fairly even terrain, which normally takes an average of two hours round-trip to complete. The path leads you away from the more frequented sites and takes you among pampas and hills, fallen trees and blossoming flowers, lakeside beaches and hilltops. After an hour or so we reach the overlook on the edge of lake Nordenskjold, this is the closest you can be to the famous Paine Horns without crossing the water, and be sure, it is a spot you will greatly enjoy! It is also the end of the trail, so after a rest we head back along the path we came. 

After lunch at Lake Pehoe’s camping site, we make our way to the Condor Overlook nearby. 

Towering high above the emerald-green Pehoe Lake, this vantage point offers a completely different perspective of this section of the Park. The horizon extends to a degree that widely surpasses the traditional ground view. This is a moderate hike, which requires a certain extent of navigation and trail spotting abilities. The climb is steep, not too long, but definitely worth it. We reach the top after little over an hour depending on the pace, and are treated to one of the most spectacular 360° panoramic views that Torres del Paine (and the world) has to offer, at the top of the hill known as Mirador Cóndor; The Condor’s Overlook. We take in the view and rest for a while and then make our way back down to our vehicles. 

OPTION 2 - Guided Naturalist or Active Tour Option: Pingo Valley Hike 

This hike goes along a trail next to the river Pingo, an area which was not affected by the 2011 park fire. The  vegetation is strong and healthy, providing excellent habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. It takes us through a grazing area for the elusive and scarce Huemul or Andean deer. This hike can be adjusted to your preferences and requirements in terms of walking distance and time. You may choose to walk for just one hour or up to 6 hours for more intensive trekking. This valley offers a huge range of possibilities. You can discuss these with your guide before setting out and adjusting the length of your hike according to your desires and ability. 

OPTION 3 - Guided Active Tour - Trekking to the Base of the Towers 

Depart at 7:30 AM after breakfast, we travel from Patagonia Camp to the eastern side of the park, to Hosteria Las Torres, around 2 hours away where our hike up to the base of the towers begins. 

The trek to the base of the world famous Torres del Paine (Towers of Indigo) is one of the most emblematic, spectacularly beautify and physically challenging hikes available in the national park that bears its names. Starting from an elevation of 140 meters (460 ft) above sea level and climbing to the final lookout point at 982 meters (3,222 ft), you will be richly rewarded by one of the most breathtaking views in the world when you reach the base of the towers. This full day hike begins at “Hostería las Torres” within the park where we leave our vehicles for the start of the hike. The trail is 10 km (6.2 miles) each way and it typically takes an average of 6 ½ hours to complete the roundtrip journey. It is best described in 3 stages:

  • This hike begins with a steady ascent of 460 meters (1,509 ft) on a rugged but well-worn trail up the side of the Ascencio Valley. Upon reaching the summit of this section of the trail one can look back and take in a full panoramic view of the eastern side of the park and the Ascencio River below. Reaching the first checkpoint at Chileno Shelter typically takes 2 hours. 
  • The second stage of a little over an hour lowers the intensity a bit in a series of mid-level climbs and descents through native forests, past streams. 
  • The final stage leads to our destination viewpoint and takes roughly one more hour. It is also the steepest part of the trail. We slowly make our way up the trail over boulders, reaching the Base of the Towers where we enjoy our box lunch and spend time taking in the breathtaking, neck craning, view. 

We descend back along the same trail that led us here, finally reaching the parking lot at Hostería las Torres, 6 ½ hours later after we began on average.

OPTION 4 – Self Guided  Full Day Park Reconnaissance by Jeep

This excursion will take us along the inner roads of Torres del Paine National Park for a Jeep reconnaissance. This is the best way to experience all aspects of the park, by exploring its most famous highlights. It’s a day packed with breathtaking views of the Paine Massif from distinct perspectives, and a myriad of colorful lakes, lagoons and awe inspiring rock faces. We’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy leisurely walks or medium level hikes, which take in the full spectrum of the park’s flora and fauna and offer great opportunities for photography. Overnight Tierra Patagonia (B, BL, D)

Day 8 - Torres del Paine National Park

Choice between 2 half day or one full day excursions around the park. Options include kayaking, fly fishing, trekking to the base of the towers, horseback riding or a catamaran tour. Additional fees apply depending on activity.

Today we will be checking out of Tierra Patagonia and enjoying another amazing day at the park. We have the entire day to spend at Torres del Paine National Park. Depending on your inclination and ability there is a full range of excursions to choose from and of course you are free to spend whatever part of the day you want taking advantage of the amenities offered by your hotel. For those who enjoy maximum activity there are full day excursions including a hike to the base of the Towers, a hike up the French Valley, which is considered the most beautiful in the park or spend the day in the more leisurely pursuit of fly fishing along the Serrano River. There are a number of half day options including sea kayaking at Grey Glacier, horseback riding as well as a number of half day hikes. You can also drive to more of the park’s designated overlooks. It’s all up to you. We provide a full Guide to Excursions designed to help you with your choices. 

We drive south to Puerto Bories in the late afternoon to the place where our adventure started, The Singular hotel, to enjoy ona last Patagonian meal at the edge of the Fjord of Last Hope. Overnight: The Singular (B, BL, D)

 Day 9 - Farewell to Patagonia / Flights Home

Most of our travelers will have enough time today to use the morning to pack, relax and enjoy the views of Ultima Esperanza. Transfer to Punta Arenas for your flight back to Santiago.  (B, L)


While International Wildlife Adventues attempts to make the itinerary as accurate as possible, it should be considered a close schedule of activities. The itinerary is subject to revision due to weather, trail and road conditions, government restrictions and other factors beyond our control. In some cases availability at some of the hotels mentioned may be limited causing a change in program. We will present options prior to booking.



Date - Rates:

2015 - 16 DATES

Gold Package: 8 Night/9 Days Package: October 9, 2015 through April 22, 2016

Please note: Tours must begin on Fridays and end on Saturdays.

RATES 2015 - 2016

Pricing below is per person, in US Dollars, based on double occupancy and on currency exchange rates at the time of publication.

Number of Guests per Vehicle (Up to 4)
 Prices are Per-Person 2 Guests 3 Guests 4 Guests Single

8 Night/9 Days Package Chile & Argentina

Gold Option   Self-Drive $7,480  $7,480*  $7,150**  $10,680 
Guide in Vehicle $8,650  $8,650*  N/A  $13,050 
Guide in Accompanying Vehicle  $9,150 $9,150* $8,780  N/A 
Hotels: The Singular, Tierra Patagonia, Eolo, Alta Vista, Casa Los Sauces, Estancia Cristina or similar

* Supplement of $1,150 for 3rd guest (only when traveling in groups of 3).
** 4 guests on the Guide in Vehicle Tour Option will require the use of 2 Jeeps, each with their own guide/driver

Note on children: Up to 5 guests can occupy one vehicle, only if one is a child 12 and under. A 15% discount is offered for children 12 and under, with a maximum of 2 discounts per family.

Holiday Bookings: Christmas and New Years weeks have a surcharge of $850 p/p. In addition, due to the special booking policies of some hotels during those dates, lodging will vary during certain days of our itinerary for those two weeks. Please inquire with us for additional details.


  • Hotel or lodge accommodations in Torres del Paine, Los Glaciares National • Park, and El Calafate - double-occupancy room with private bath.
  • Meals as noted on itinerary (B – Breakfast; L – Lunch; BL – Box Lunch; D –Dinner)
  • Tour Leader
  • All ground transportation in Patagonia within Chile and Argentina as noted on • itinerary
  • WiFi services at hotels and lodges when available
  • The services of a  tour leader (not included for Self-Drive • Tours)
  • Airport transfers in Puerto Natales
  • Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks Entrance Fees
  • Entrance to Glaciarum Museum
  • Airport Transfers from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales


  • International airfare
  • Domestic airfare in Chile: Santiago – Punta Arenas/ Punta Arenas - Santiago (Starting at $350 per person)
  • Hotels, tours and transfers while in Santiago
  • On self drive trips excursions listed below are additional
  • Hike to the Base of the Towers: $360 groups of 1-4
  • French Valley Hike $360 groups of 1-4
  • Pingo Valley Hike $360 groups 1-4
  • Fly fishing at Serrano river: $295 per person 
  • Grey Glacier Kayaking: $180 per person additional for both guided and self drive trips 
  • Grey Glacier Catamaran Tour:  $130 PP for both guided and self drive trips
  • Cave paintings of Laguna Amarga Hike: $10 PP for both guided and self drive trips
  • Horseback Riding Torres de Paine - the Way of the Gaucho: $150 PP for both guided and self guided trips
  • Fishing at Santa Cruz River: $315 per person for both guided and self guided trips
  • Horse back riding around Laguna Sofia - Las Cuevas: $150 per person for both guided and self drive trips
  • Sailing the Patagonia Fjords: Serrano & Balmaceda Glaciers, Lago Azul: $250 per person paid directly to hotel for guided and self drive
  • Puerto Natales - Land of Pioneer Tour: $60 per person for self drive
  • Beverages
  • Fuel for your Jeep vehicle during the expedition (we hand over the vehicles with a full tank but the vehicles can be returned empty)
  • Items of a personal nature such as laundry, tips, mail, phone calls, etc.
  • Tips to tour leader (if applicable) & Hotel staff
  • Trip cancellation, travel delay, or baggage insurance (Note: this optional coverage is highly recommended and can be purchased through IWA)
  • Satellite phone usage
  • Visa fees

Deposit: to confirm your space a $1,500 PP non-refundable deposit is required. 

Cancellation Policy: In the event you must cancel your reservation, refunds will be made according to the following schedule: Deposit is non-refundable. 90 to 61 days prior to departure, 50% of total is non-refundable; less than 60 days prior to departure, 100% non-refundable.

Insurance: Because many advance logistical arrangements have been made prior to the running of this trip, we must adhere to the above policy. Cancellation/medical evacuation is required per person. An application form will be sent to you upon deposit, or you may purchase it on your own. Because of the remote location, emergency medical evacuation insurance is required. Please check your personal insurance coverage and make sure it is applicable in foreign countries. Emergency medical evacuation insurance is a component of the insurance program IWA offers.








The lodging and food on this private-guided expedition  are some of the best in the world, especially given the remote wildness of the Patagonia countryside. You will experience the height of luxury in a wilderness setting.

The Singular

Few hotels in southern Patagonia can deliver luxury services and impart a rich sense of Chile's history quite like the Singular. In a converted factory on a remote coastal stretch of Puerto Bories, the 57-room hotel is receiving international accolades not only for its attentive luxury services but also for meticulously preserving and incorporating the old factory's massive Victorian machinery into the modern fabric of the building. The old refrigeration buildings are now partitioned into lofty rooms and suites with incredible views of the pristine waters and green fiords that face the hotel.

A natural amphitheater surrounds the hotel, formed by an escarpment reminiscent of the rock formations found in the US southwest and snowcapped peaks that rise high above the fjord that fronts The Singular. The architecture of the hotel incorporates very large plate glass windows. These are cleverly deployed to create cozy environments within the larger expanse of the old factory and maximize views of the spectacular Patagonian surroundings.

Singular Patagonia   Singular Hotel Patagonia


Estancia Helsingfors

Helsingfors is not just any Estancia, it has a rich history tied to the region. During the early 20th century, a Finnish adventurer, Alfred Ranström, settled at the foot of the Andes Mountains, on the southwest shores of Lago Viedma. As a memory of his fatherland, he named his estancia after his country's capital city: Helsingfors (Helsinki in Swedish). Here he lived with his wife, Marie Lisau and their children, lightening up this wonderful spot, never imagining that they would be the main characters in one of Patagonia's most touching stories. During the 60's, a traditional family from the province of Santa Cruz bought this beautiful piece of land, and since 1995 they have been receiving visitors from all over the world who wish to discover Patagonia through a unique and exclusive experience as offered at Helsingfors.

The lodge is located on an idyllic piece of land by the lake that is protected by the surrounding woods. Many of the more beautiful groves resulted from the arboreal work of Alfred Ranström's son, Knud. The design of Helsingfors is intended to blend with, and compliment, the natural surroundings. Guests are invited to sit in the living area around the large fireplace at night, sharing stories of adventure as they enjoy a drink from the bar. A well-chosen wine cellar compliments the sophisticated regional and international cuisine served at the lodge.

Helsingfors Patagonia   Helsingfors Patagonia hotel


Eolo Lodge

Eolo is set deep within the wide open spaces of the wild Patagonia south, a landscape reminiscent of the grassland prairies of Montana, framed by snowcapped peaks. In the words of its owners:

"Thirty minutes away from El Calafate, Argentina on the way to Perito Moreno Glacier, Eolo is strategically located in La Anita Valley, on the eastern side of Mount Frías. It stretches over a 3,000 hectare property. From Eolo's ample and comfortable facilities, which evoke ancient Patagonian "estancias", one can observe Lago Argentino towards the north, La Anita Valley towards the east, and the Torres del Paine and the Rico branch of the same lake towards the south."

The Argentine estancia is the US equivalent of the western ranch and is similarly located in grasslands, in this case the South American pampas. Historically estancias are dedicated to raising and herding livestock. In the early days of the colonial rule of South America the Spanish introduced cattle, which roamed freely and were culled as needed. By the 19th century this wild south style of ranching had given way to permanent settlements focused on raising cattle and sheep with the use of branding irons and other means to establish livestock ownership. The term estancia refers to the stationary or permanent character of these ranches. Similar to western ranching, the Spanish style equivalent produced its own mythological cowboy analog in the form of the gaucho, who also made his living in the saddle and still does.

Eolo is an adventure lodge cut in the cloth of the estancia tradition. This evening you can look out on the Big Sky country of the southern hemisphere, enjoy a swim in the indoor pool and watch as the last long light of the day gives way to a multitude of stars in the southern skies.


Eolo lodge patagonia   Eolo Lodge Patagonia hotel


Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa

The building is immersed in the landscape and emerges from the hillside. The award winning architecture complements the flow of the geology in this privileged location and showcases the magnificent views of the Torres del Paine National Park...Inside, wood clad walls emanate warmth, safety and protection – a cozy hideaway after a day spent discovering the amazing Patagonian outdoors. Furnishings and textiles were hand made by Chilean craftspeople, using natural materials from the region, high quality workmanship and inspiration from the surrounding estancias as well as the influence of the native Tehuelche people. The ambience of Tierra Patagonia is casual and friendly, the different spaces created by the designers mean that guests can mingle and get to know one another or find a quiet corner to relax and get away from it all. There is something truly delicious about curling up on a comfortable sofa with a lap blanket, a book and a glass of wine and then forgetting about the book and just staring out the window at one of the Earth's most  sublime places.

Uma Spa  is within the hotel and features an indoor swimming pool with jets, cascades and the same stunning views of the Torres del Paine as the rest of the hotel. There is also an outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, locker rooms and relaxation areas. Our Spa professionals offer many types of massages and facials using local stones and elements.

Tierra-Patagonia-7  Tierra-Patagonia-6


Patagonia map


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